The products that we offer are absolutely natural non-GMO and without other harmful fillers. They can replace one or two of your meals while your diet will be enriched with all the necessary vitamins and minerals. Due to adequate diet and taking BalanceOil that includes unique patented combination formula of animal and vegetable fat your metabolism will be balanced in quite a short term that will eventually ensure your good health level.


List of products with description:


Cellulose Fiber cocktail for weight and metabolism stabilization


Health Challenge >>

Milk vs Water 3kg Challenge >>

Milk vs Water 5kg Challenge >>

Milk vs Water 10kg Challenge >>

LeanShake >> 

ZinoBiotic >> 


Oil for fatty acid balance


BalanceOil Capsules >> 

BalanceOil >>

BalanceOil AquaX >>


Dry blood-spot test and Nutrition Recommendations 


BalanceTest >>

BalanceTest Instruction >>


Beta-glucan for immunity 


Protect >>


Natural vitamins and minerals


BalanceXtend >>

Viva >>


Protein bar for hunger satisfying on the go


ProteinBar >>


Serum - balance for skin matrix


SkinSerum >>

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